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Checklist of MUST HAVE materials needed for a new uromastyx owner:


Enclosure: it is preferred to have a 4’x2’ or larger. Not gallons...gallons are for fish not reptiles. The dimensions are more important than gallons. Larger species will require bigger than 4’x2’. Refer to information listed in the files section in the Facebook group “Uromastyx Club” on the species and the size requirement for each.


UVB: we use a T5 bulb in a T5HO fixture, 10.0 if reptisun brand, 12-14% if arcadia brand. Length of bulb/fixture greatly depends on the size of your enclosure. We cover ⅓ to ½ of the length of the enclosure.Ex: 4’ long enclosure, we use a 24’ fixture.


Heat: we use halogen flood bulbs. These are available at your local hardware store. The wattage greatly depends on the environment that you are keeping your animals. Most keepers that house only one animal inside their home will use a 75-100watt halogen flood bulb. PLEASE AVOID LED AND “SPOT” FLOOD BULBS!!!!


Hides: MANY hides. 4-5 minimum. They will usually choose a favorite spot but they will use the other hides if thermoregulating and you want to offer them all types, hot/cool, dry/humid, small/large etc...


Substrate: not recommended for new arrivals or animals under 50g. After these criteria are met and quarantine is over, we switch to washed play sand, can also add medium size gravel and organic soil. 


Temp and Humidity: MUST have an infrared temp gun to check your basking temps. This is imperative!! A temp and humidity gauge with a probe to check ambient conditions. Basking temp: 120-130F; ambient hot side:100F; ambient cool side 85-90F. Humidity 15-30% (this increases at night and is normal)


Timer: need a timer for your lights. Can start with a 12 hours on and 12 hours off cycle. Complete darkness at night. No colored lights or CHE(Ceramic Heat Emitter)is needed. 

note:if your temps drop below 65F where you keep your animal, then a CHE is needed


Materials that are useful and recommended:


Extra lighting - to provide full spectrum light, we use T8 6400K bulbs to brighten the enclosure.

Solarmeter (expensive)- measures the strength of your UVB bulb

Computer fan - increases air flow within the enclosure

Food dish/water dish - water dish recommended to offer to new arrivals and young ones but isn't necessary for the long term. Very shallow water only. Food can be offered on any flat surface that is loose substrate free, food dish can be used but any flat surface will do

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