last updated 6/8/2021

Welcome to the 2021 season!

We do not do waitlists. We do not sell bearded dragons.


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1. Thelma and Wild Bill, Ocellata

hatched May 22-26, approx avail July 21

2. Grinchy and Bernie, Maliensis aka "Mali"

Hatched June 1-3 (will not be for sale)

3. Leroy and Corona, Nigriventris, yellow, aka "Moroccan"

hatched June 1-3, approx avail July 27th

Eggs in the incubator 

4. Kiki and Captain, d.Dispar

hatchlings approx June 18th

5.Pumpkin and Kaiju, Ocellata

hatchlings approx June 20th 

(this clutch appears to be very low success)

6. Prima and Moe, Egyptian

hatchlings approx June 21th

7.  Big Momma and Frankie, Ornate

hatchlings approx June 26th

8. Hillary and Moe, Egyptian

hatchlings approx June 28th

9. Olive and Winston, Ornate

hatchlings approx July 1st

10. Gracie and Winston, Ornate

hatchlings approx July 6th

11. Princess and Winston, Ornate

hatchlings approx July 19th

Our History

Dragontopia was established in 2017.

Our passion for healthy beautiful reptiles has flourished into a family owned and operated business.

  • We originally launched our family business caring for and breeding high end bearded dragons.  Our next chapter in life brought us into the world of uromastyx and quickly became our passion. 

  • Currently in the middle of our 2021 uromastyx breeding season. 

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General questions send here.

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Shipping is $60. We ship priority overnight with Reptiles2You/FedEx. Shipping will be added to the price of the animal purchased.  Extreme weather conditions may delay shipping for the animals safety. Hot or Cold pack will be used in the appropriate situation at no extra fee.
After payment is sent, a shipping label will be created near shipping time with your info and you will receive updates via your email with shipment tracking.
Live arrival guaranteed. Please read our Health Guarantee below.

Frankie (3).jpg


Sex of animal is NOT guaranteed. We will NOT exchange or refund for another sex.

ONLY healthy well established animals will be shipped. We guarantee their health is on point prior to shipping. If there is an issue with the animal upon arrival, you must notify us within 15 minutes of arrival. This is solely caused by shipping as is out of our control. Shipping is a risk and we use only the top of the line products and strict protocols to provide the top of the line safety for all animals. Please send a description of the issue and a video of the animal so we may rectify or assist with the issue as soon as possible.

If you have an issue outside of the 15 minute arrival window, please contact us immediately so we may advise you or to discuss an appropriate action at that time. This does not mean we will refund or send another animal in its place but we can discuss an appropriate action.

Shipping costs will not be refunded in any case.

If you purchase an animal from us, we will be a resource for the animals entire life

for any questions that may arise.